Course Bundle: The Online Entrepreneur

For those who want to build new skills in order to build a better future.

Begin by setting the foundation in our introductory course – you’ll build your core sketchnoting skills and start applying them to your current work.

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Then develop a strategy for documenting your work online within the field that you care about in order to build your network with intention and create opportunities for yourself in the future.

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Then explore how to leverage the unique capabilities of a digital note-taking device, for use at the office and on the road.

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To maximize the impact of your ideas, learn how to create engaging videos that will win you fans and future customers.

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Then develop a product or service that merges your experience and interests with your sketchnoting skills.

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Finally, share your passion and your skills by creating transformative educational experiences for others.

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This bundle will give you the skills you need to tackle the inevitable challenges that you’ll face when building something useful from scratch.

With this six-course combo you’ll save 25% compared to buying each course individually.

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After ordering this bundle you’ll have lifetime access to all current and future resources contained within each course listed above.

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