Digital Sketchnoting

Leverage the power of an all-in-one tool.

Merge your sketchnoting skills with the unique capabilities of a digital note-taking device to amplify your learning, problem-solving, and storytelling efforts.

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Course Overview

Throughout May and June of 2023 I'll be releasing new video lessons for the first three units of this course (see dates below) and I'll also be hosting live workshops to discuss those topics.

Unit 1: Compass

Get oriented with this course and identify your personal goals.

1.1 Course Roadmap
1.2 Digital Dreams
1.3 Digital Sketchnoting Mindset
1.4 Sketchnoting Basics
1.5 Capstone Project

Unit 2: Tools

Explore your hardware and software options and decide on starting tools.

2.1 Pick Your Device
2.2 Browse the Apps
2.3 Explore & Experiment

Unit 3: Techniques

Experiment with the available features inside your note-taking app.

3.1 Pens & Brushes
3.2 Canvas Size (May 24th)
3.3 Layers (June 7th)
3.4 Zooming In & Out (June 14th)
3.5 Moving, Rotating, & Resizing (June 21st)
3.6 Photo Integration (July 5th)
3.7 Videos & Animation (July 12th)
3.8 Export Options (July 19th)

Unit 4: Purpose

Explore the three primary uses of sketchnoting through the digital lens.

4.1 Learning (Late 2023)
4.2 Problem-Solving (Late 2023)
4.3 Storytelling (Late 2023)

Unit 5: Process

Bring it all together into a digital sketchnoting process that meets your needs and can grow with you.

5.1 Build Your Process (Late 2023)
5.2 Post-Sketchnote Workflow (Late 2023)
5.3 Work the System (Late 2023)
5.4 Keep Going (Late 2023)

Capstone Project

As a final project for this course, I'll encourage you to walk us through a sketchnote you created while pointing out the tools you use and how you use them, like I do in this video about the app Concepts:

Live Workshops

I'm excited to see your work from those lessons and discuss any questions that come up in a series of live workshops! Those will take place a week after each set of lessons is released. Here are the dates for those events:

Those events will take place on Zoom, will start at 9:00am Pacific Time, and will run for about 90 minutes. I'll post the replay the following day.

What Students are Saying

Here's what students had to say about the first version of this course:

Awesome course. Great introduction to so many varying digital tools. Doug’s a great instructor. You’ll love it.

Cynthia Shipman

Doug brings a very unique perspective while taking us through this sketchnoting course. He is a great teacher. This course is an excellent example of an agile way of teaching – the time of the course was fixed but the scope absolutely kept on evolving as we started getting deeper into digital sketchnoting. One of the best teachers to learn such wonderful knowledge. Thanks Doug.

Rajendra Deshpande

Doug has created a global classroom where participants cheer your work, give you new ideas and useful feedback. The environment encourages you to just go ahead with your journey – your direction is the right one for you, and the community salutes you on the way. It’s been really fun.

Hanne Aastrup

As a teacher who works with students who learn in many different ways, including many visual learners, digital sketchnoting is a way to help students, especially these days where remote learning is a possibility for all or some of the school year. These students who say they learn best writing or drawing with pencil and paper can transfer these skills to technology. And as a teacher I can put some difficult concepts in a format that some students will understand better than just in writing. And I can do it remotely and online if necessary. I’m glad I took this course and jumped way out of my comfort zone to learn a new way to teach and reach all students.

Sarah Fennelly

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