The Verbal to Visual Notebook

Start making marks.

Engage your visual brain with this set of activities that will get you making marks on the page as you reignite the innate creativity that lives within you.

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Every page of this book is 100% hand-sketched. With my simple sketches as a guide and the engaging prompts alongside them, you can't help but put pen to paper and start sketching out ideas yourself.

  • 128 activities (the majority of which are reusable)

  • 100% sketched (hand-made, from me to you)

  • 8 categories demonstrating the breadth of applications of sketching out ideas

  • Designed to be infused with your own personality and interests

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After filling this notebook, not only will you have an archive of creative work to look back on, you'll also have a set of skills to put to use on your next creative project.

Physical Book
Digital Download

What People Are Saying

Whether you’re thinking about graphic recording, sketchnoting, or just improving your note-taking for personal use, Doug has you covered. This exercises book is a great place to start. You’ll get to personalize it by exploring your own goals and processes, and get lots of good practice along the way. Sometimes it will take you out of your comfort zone, other times you’ll be in the groove. But by the end of the book you’ll realize how much you have grown your skills and your confidence. Thanks Doug!

Benoit Leclair

Over 130 pages of easy, bite-sized exercises for anyone looking to start sketchnoting. Doug guides you through discovering your own graphic recording style in a frictionless manner, from icon creation, to handwriting, to design and page layout, no matter your level or area of expertise.

Caroline-Isabelle Caron
The Verbal to Visual Notebook is an amazing resource to get over the humps of “I can’t draw” or “I just don’t have the skills to take visual notes.” It is not about perfection or making art or being ornate or overly elaborate. It’s about using this resource with an open mind and a playful heart to become more comfortable and confident with marks, lines, and words you put on pages.
Tracey Pierson

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