Sketchnote Book Club

Learn to sketchnote while reading a good book.

Have you ever read a really good book but then a month later couldn’t say much about it?

You’re not alone.

The problem is that words are fleeting. Our brain isn’t designed to hold onto them.

But visuals are sticky, especially if you’re the one who creates them.

That’s exactly what sketchnoting is all about.

With simple drawings and diagrams you create visual artifacts of your learning that will help you remember what you read and, more importantly, put those ideas into action.

I'm Doug Neill, and I’ve been teaching people how to sketchnote for the past decade. Along the way I’ve created visual summaries of interesting books like Essentialism, Digital Minimalism, and The Power of Full Engagement.

Recently I had the thought "What if I teach people how to take visual notes while we all read an interesting book together?"

That was the spark for this new live training series.

Each month I'm picking a book from my reading list and inviting others to read it with me. Along the way, in weekly live workshops, I'll teach you how to take visual notes from the ground up, no prior experience necessary.

By the end of the month you'll have not only a comprehensive set of visual note-taking skills, but also a personalized visual book summary as a demonstration of what you learned.

But here's the thing: sketchnoting is more than a powerful learning tool.

It will also help you solve problems more efficiently and share ideas more effectively.

That's what I call The Sketchnote Trifecta, and it's what gets me so excited about sharing this skill with others.

If that excites you too, then check out the upcoming month-long trainings. And if a particular book catches your eye, I do hope you'll join us as we read, discuss, and sketch out the good ideas within it.

What Participants are Saying

Doug’s Sketchnote Book Club opened up new ways of working, bolstered my confidence, and upped my enjoyment and effectiveness in sketchnoting long-form material. Highly recommended for sketchnoters of all levels of skill and experience.
Kate Rutter

Over the course of this month, not only did I get an opportunity to meet with kind folks who are equally interested in a book as I am, but we also learned a really practical skill. Doug has a natural talent for visualizing very abstract concepts in a very accessible manner and he does a really good job of teaching us how to apply it. We learned by practicing sketching basic components like icons and people and then by combining them together to form diagrams and scenes that depict rather complex ideas in an “easy to digest” fashion.

Kelvin DeCosta

Program Benefits

Build your sketchnoting skills from the ground up during four two-hour workshop sessions.
Read and discuss a good book along the way, which we'll use for sketchnoting examples and practice activities.
End the month with a complete set of visual note-taking skills, plus your personalized visual summary of the book.

Inside of Verbal to Visual we use the Mighty Networks platform, which means you'll be able to access all of our resources from any browser or by using the native iOS or Android app.

You'll be able to share your work and ask questions of me and other cohort members throughout the month (and after).

Your purchase also includes three free months of the Verbal to Visual Community, where you can connect  with us in weekly workshops to continue developing your skills.

Past Book Clubs

The Psychology of Money

by Morgan Housel

Enjoy the replays of four two-hour sessions in which I teach you how to sketchnote while we read and discuss the book.

$49 - Purchase

Thinking, Fast and Slow

by Daniel Kahneman

Enjoy the replays of four two-hour sessions in which I teach you how to sketchnote while we read and discuss the book.

$49 - Purchase

Atlas of the Heart

by Brené Brown

Enjoy the replays of four two-hour sessions in which I teach you how to sketchnote while we read and discuss the book.

$49 - Purchase