Your Biology is Built for This

How does visualization help us to learn and think differently?

That’s a question that Kathy Oneto recently asked me during our conversation for her podcast Sustainable Ambition.

In the video above you can hear my response.

What I appreciate about having conversations with folks like Kathy is that you get to explore this skillset from a fresh perspective, whereas most of the time I’m deep in the weeds either using these skills or thinking about how better to teach them to others.

I’ve also been sharing a few other video clips from our conversation over on my new LinkedIn account in case you’d like to connect there too. As I start doing more strategy work for organizations, I’m finding that particular social media platform to be a good place to spend some time.

As it did for Matthew Needham, I hope that my conversation with Kathy inspires you to break out the pen and paper and engage your visual brain.

If you’d like to dive deeper into this skillset, I encourage you to explore our library of courses. I just scheduled our next monthly Q & A for all course participants, which will be on June 13th at 9:00am Pacific Time.

Hope to see some of you there and hear about what you’re working on.