Visual Thinking Warmup

When you first enter the world of visual thinking, your primary task is to get comfortable making marks that aren’t just letters as you start to think about how to convey ideas through drawings and diagrams instead of words alone.

For many of us, that new type of mark-making can be uncomfortable at first.

That’s why I encourage you to establish a warmup routine for yourself that can kickstart your visual brain and build the hand-eye coordination required to sketch out ideas instead of just writing them down.

In this video I share a clip from a recent Q & A livestream in which I walk you through what that warmup could look like.

We start with some shapes, then practice our letters, and then some simple icons.

Follow along prior to your next work session, and then tweak the steps to suit your needs.



P.S. To get fully up and running with your skills, check out our course An Introduction to Visual Note-Taking.