A Workbook for Visual Thinkers

Ten years ago I developed a workbook to help folks new to visual thinking build their mark-making skills. For the first decade of its life, that resource existed only as a digital download.

Today, that book is finally available in physical form.

In the new video above you can learn all about it.

The Verbal to Visual Notebook is for folks who want to learn by doing. For more of a teacher-led experience you can check out our intro course, but if you just want to hop in and get your feet wet, then I think you’ll really enjoy this book.

It’s full of engaging prompts and activities that will allow you to explore the various aspects of visual note-taking from the ground up, no prior experience necessary. By responding to each prompt and making marks right alongside mine (the book is 100% hand-sketched), you’ll build your confidence as a sketcher of ideas.

After completing all 128 activities (pace yourself – a few a day is my suggestion), you’ll have no problem tapping into your visual skills the next time a project of yours needs a spark of creativity.

I was very proud of this resource when I first made it a decade ago, and I’m equally proud of it today in this new format: The Verbal to Visual Notebook.

I think you’ll enjoy it too.