Susanne Jul

Doug Neill

I never liked to draw, and limited myself to digital tools for visual thinking. Now I routinely use hand-drawn sketches and illustrations for personal and business purposes. I still can’t “draw” but my illustrations get ideas across quickly and trigger lively, deep, and productive discussions.

I owe this transformation to the Verbal to Visual community. Doug has created a unique environment for learning, experimenting, and developing confidence. The community offers a winning combination of structured lessons and workshops to help develop new skills, live events that foster trust and friendship with other community members, and, above all, a community of people who are passionate about learning, visual thinking, and cheering each other on.

If you’re serious about taking your thinking and communication to the next level, Verbal to Visual is the place to be! Regardless of your current skills (or lack thereof), you will discover talents you never imagined you had. With the help of friends you never imagined existed.