Stephanie Gorman

Doug Neill

I have been a member of the Collective for over 3 years. When I started, I had just learned of the concept of sketchnoting and was very intimidated and nervous about being a part of an online community having never done anything like that before. I decided to first run through many of Doug’s initial courses to build up my foundational skills which helped to boost my confidence one lesson at a time, setting me up for attending online workshops. With each workshop attended, I started to realize the Collective was a truly safe space for creativity and connection. Doug’s incredibly welcoming, kind, and organized teaching style paired with the inclusive, supportive community of people made my initial feelings of nervousness start to melt away. Over time, I realized I could show up when I had the time, bring whatever I had to share or just watch and listen to others without feeling pressured or put on the spot. All the workshops I’ve attended have been so inspiring and motivating and have helped me work towards my goal of integrating sketchnoting into my daily work as well as support the expansion of personal projects. I am truly grateful to have tapped into this online learning and community space!