I Sketched a Book on a Mug

Do you ever find yourself reading an incredible book, feeling inspired by its ideas, only to struggle remembering the key lessons a few weeks later?

I used to have that exact problem. The core message would stick, but the rich details and nuances would fade, lessening the book’s lasting impact on my life.

That recurring frustration is what first pulled me to visual note-taking and sketchnoting over a decade ago. I saw it as a creative solution – sketching out visual summaries to better internalize and apply the ideas from the great books I was reading.

As I developed my sketching skills, I began sharing these visual book summaries ​on YouTube​, and many of you have enjoyed following along on this learning journey with me.

Today, I’m excited to take those sketches from the digital realm into the physical world with the launch of ​a new store​!

I’ve selected seven of my favorite book summaries and transformed them into large-format posters that you can hang on your wall, and mugs that you can sip your morning coffee from while reflecting on the book’s powerful lessons.

Imagine having a visual summary of Essentialism or Digital Minimalism right in front of you as you start your day, prompting you to realign with your priorities and use technology more intentionally.

Or picture your Make It Stick mug sparking ideas for how to learn more effectively as you dive into a new project at work.

These physical reminders can help you see your daily life through the lenses of authors like Annie Murphy Paul (The Extended Mind) or Morgan Housel (The Psychology of Money).

But beyond being just a reminder of key ideas, I hope these posters and mugs also encourage you to grab a pen and notebook and map out ideas yourself as you make marks that make meaning in your own life and work.

Thanks as always for following along and learning with me. I can’t wait to share more sketched book summaries in the future, both digitally and now ​in the physical world​ as well.