Bridge the Gap with Sketched Storytelling

I work with mission-driven organizations to bridge the gap between you and your potential customers. With the creation of a 5-minute sketched video we'll get everyone within your organization on the same page and then show the world what you're all about. Leave the boiler-plate explainer videos behind and let's make something special.

Sketch Your Strategy

Show what sets your organization apart by visualizing your core activities, how they're integrated, and how they help you achieve your mission.

Sketch Your
Sales Pitch

Develop a whiteboard product pitch that will enable your sales team to have engaging (and converting) conversations with customers.

Sketch Your
Origin Story

Tell your company story in a way that will make prospective employees want to work for you and potential customers want to buy from you.

Whether it's your strategy, a sales pitch, or your origin story, I'll work with you and your team to craft an engaging video that you'll be able to use both internally and with the public to better communicate who you are and what you're all about.


With over 110,000 subscribers on YouTube and more than 5 million views, I've seen how much demand there is for hand-sketched videos sharing interesting ideas. You can check out some examples of my work below.

With sketched storytelling you can foster within your potential customers belief in your mission, confidence in your approach, and connection with your vibe.

Let's build that bridge together.

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