El Pelo Crespo del Escualo

In this episode of Doug Draws Spanish I’ve crafted and sketched out a silly sentence that incorporates three new words that I’m learning: crespo, escualo, and entorpecer.

Here’s the sentence:

El pelo crespo del escualo entorpece su movimiento en el agua.

Can you pick up the meaning of those words from this sketch?

Here are the translations.

crespo: frizzy or curly

escualo: shark

entorpecer: to slow down, to obstruct, or to hinder

So the translation of the sentence would be something like:

The shark’s curly hair slows him down in the water.

Not a particularly useful sentence, but I hope the silly sketched scene helps you remember the meaning of those three words!

For more ideas on weaving visual note-taking into the language learning process, check out our course Learn a New Language with Sketchnotes.

Nos vemos,